IronSkillet Players

IronSkillet configuration files can be rendered and loaded with various apps and tools.


The Skillet Line Interfacing tool is a CLI interface that can be used to load and work with skillets including IronSkillet. Please refer to the README document found within the following SLI repository. This will walk you through the installation and basic usage of SLI in the context of skillets.


panHandler is a multi-skillet player easily installed as a Docker container. This recommended application supports configuration and validation skillets provided as part of IronSkillet.

Visit the Skillet District in the Live Community to Install and Get Started with panHandler


Expedition (the Migration Tool) allows user not only migrate configurations from other vendors but also integreates best practice capabilities such as IronSkillet and the Best Practice Assessment.

Visit the Expedition site in Live for more information including the Installer.

Customer Support Portal

The Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal allows users to create a loadable XML Day One configuration. Users can generate the Day One configuration when registering a NGFW or Panorama. The IronSkillet configuration is also accessible using the portal Tools menu.