Requirements and Caveats

Please read before using the IronSkillet configuration templates.


Using IronSkillet requires the following to properly load into Panorama and/or the NGFW


Threat Prevention and the antivirus content update are both required to gain access to the Palo Alto Networks provided External Dynamic Lists (EDLs) used in the security policies.


URL Filtering, DNS Cloud Service, and Wildfire subscriptions are not required to load the configuration but are highly recommended as part of the best practice to utilize IronSkillet elements such as the URL Filtering, Spyware, and Wildifre security profiles and associated profile groups


Please review the following to understand any limitations or recommendations regarding the IronSkillet templates

  • Be sure to edit or the default administrative superuser account if not part of initial configuration

  • The current version only supports IPv4 management interface configuration
  • IronSkillet loaded into a VM-50 will utilize the full profile capacity
    • See the section vm50_profile_reduction for more information
  • The Panorama full configuration template is based on a fully shared model