Common or per-device elements

Many of the configuration elements are common between Panorama and panos. The variance is the xpath branch naming where the elements sits in the config tree.


The ‘*’ at the end of a template name denotes multiple files with the same leading text

Common snippets

These xml files are common across both platforms

  • address
  • device_setting
  • device_system
  • email_scheduler_simple
  • external_list
  • profile_group
  • profiles_*
  • report_group_simple
  • tag
  • zone_protection*

The rest are device specific based on xpath reference or configuration settings. Examples are deltas between rule configuration with pre/post in Panorama and log forwarding targets as Panorama or syslog.

Firewall specific

  • log_settings_profiles
  • reports_simple
  • rulebase_*
  • shared_log_settings

Panorama specific

  • device group
  • log_collector_group
  • log_settings_profiles
  • panorama*
  • post_rulebase*
  • pre_rulebase*
  • reports_simple
  • shared_log_settings
  • templates